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The wealth of wildlife in this area is still, despite the radical amelioration projects, preserved to a large extent. Yet, not only local but also global processes significantly impoverished former exuberance. And about that as she was most eloquently speaks ornithological collection in Metkovic, a unique set of products bird species found exclusively in the areas delte.Po size belongs to the largest collection of its kind in Europe. It contains more than 340 exhibits, among which are specimens of 218 species of birds of 310 species recorded so far on the Neretva. There was a period of 1948th to 1966th care of local hunters-donor and expertise Dragutin Rucner, one of the most famous Croatian ornithologist and taxidermist. It is interesting that Dragutin Rucner professional was not a biologist, ornithologist, but a musician. Hence the fact that no one has so successfully distinguish not only bird species, but also to males, females, younger than older birds, like him. Besides Dalmatian Pelican, who disappeared from the region after the first land reclamation procedures, you will be astonished roller bull shark, probably the most beautiful birds Croatian area, and are special oddity ringed specimens that were accidentally flew here from the far north, the polar regions as small geese, sea utve and Eider. The collection is housed in the right wing of the City cultural center in Metković, and will soon be featured as part of the Natural History Museum in Metković.