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Cave in Predolac the most important speleological site of the Neretva valley, and its greatest value are the richness and diversity of aquatic fauna.

Cave in Predolac habitat is Dinara cave clam "Congeria kusceri, only shellfish that lives underground. Congeria kusceri is a living fossil and tertiary relic, endemic to Dinarides and the only representative of his group, which was widespread in the Tertiary, but all her relatives died 5 million years ago.

Dinaric cave clam "Congeria" is on the list of specially protected wildlife species in Croatia, but also in the list of strictly protected species of the European Union.

Besides Dinara cave clam in Jami live another living fossil, endemic Dinaric mnogočetinjaš Marifugia cavatica. With these two living fossils that live exclusively in the underground, in open living and many other underground animals, and many overhead animals found in the surrounding rivers.

It is this diversity of fauna indicates a unique ecosystem and is the largest value of this object, especially because there is no such examples elsewhere.

The special features are also easy access and accommodation of this object, close to the town, but also the responsibility when it comes to the protection of this object.

Next to the Pit arranged an educational center where you can meet with all the values ​​of this extraordinary speleological object or the underworld in general.